Chengelo has its own testing procedure and selects pupils on the basis of these results. If you wish for your child to be considered for a place at the school you will need to attend a selection day and this should be done in the year prior to admission. Please complete an application form and contact the school to confirm which selection day you wish to attend. We allow students to sit the entrance tests from the January before the year of admission and early applications are advised. We normally have three selection days each term, you can download the application form, telephone or email the school.



  • Friday, 15th December 2017
  • Friday, 29th December 2017


Please note that if a place is not available immediately, your son/daughter may be placed on a waiting list.


NB If you intend to send your child for Form 1 - Form 4 or the 6th Form in Jan 2018 please apply early to be sure of getting a place. You DO NOT need to wait for Grade 7 exam results to apply for places in Form 1.


See Chengelo School fees.

The entrance test has several parts to it which may include:


  • Maths
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Following Instructions
  • Non-verbal reasoning

Children are expected to do well in these tests to be offered a place however the pupil’s previous school reports will also be considered as well as their responses in their interview.

You are asked to arrive around 09:00 and should report to the Main Admin Block. You should bring with you:

1. Copy of birth certificate
2. Copies of school reports for the last two years
3. Two pens (different colours), pencil, rubber, ruler and colouring pencils
4. A recent photograph
5. Administration Fee: K100.00
6. Transfer Form if transferring from another ISAZ school.

There will be a tour of the school and while your child is taking the entrance test parents will be interviewed, usually by the Headteacher. You will be notified by post or email as to the outcome of the test.

We advise pupils to board fully from Grade three in Primary. The primary curriculum is an excellent preparation for Chengelo Secondary School and whilst not guaranteeing a place in the secondary school, it is expected that primary pupils will proceed to the Secondary school from the age of eleven years. Pupils should ideally be applying to Chengelo Secondary school to start Form One in the year they are eleven years of age on January 1st. (We do however accept Form one students who are up to 13 years of age.) Secondary pupils do not need to have sat their Grade Seven examinations. A student applying to study A-Levels in the Sixth Form must have or be predicted to gain at least five higher grade passes at Grade 12 or IGCSE level (or equivalent). This should be equal to grades A or B in the subjects they wish to study at A-Level.