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About Ndubaluba 3Ndubaluba was established by Chengelo School in 1994. It is located 15 km from Chengelo close to the Mwendafye Hills in beautiful Miombo woodlands. From the start, the centre has been leading the way in Adventure Education in Zambia. It provides an Outdoor Education Curriculum for Chengelo School and a range of courses for other Zambian schools, Organizations and Groups from overseas. Subsidised courses are also offered for less privileged groups. The centre aims to provide quality Christian Adventure Education to impact the Nation of Zambia and beyond. Christian Adventure Education can play a key role in the character development of young people and therefore in the positive future development of the country.
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Richard Thompson
Centre Director

The team at Ndubaluba consists of Christian Zambian and International staff. They have a great deal of experience and qualifications and are committed to the vision of the school and centre. Safety is the centre’s number one priority and they do all they can to ensure that young people are challenged in a safe way. They follow strict UK and SA safety guide lines.

They are able to train instructors and have input from overseas on the latest safety and technical developments in the Outdoor Education field.

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“My experience at Ndubaluba completely opened a new way in which I view the world and the environment around me…the Ndubaluba experience has been the best experience of my life!”

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