Attitude is the difference between adventure and ordeal.

Posted Jul 07, 2017

‘Attitude is the difference between adventure and ordeal.’

With this statement in mind 37 students of the Lower 6th Form, travelled to Kundalila waterfalls for Ndubaluba’s most adventurous camp; Kundalila Extreme!

The four teams began each adventure beneath the start line with their war cry – and dance. Chengelo students traversed a rope across the falls, swam beneath the falls, climbed above the falls and hiked around the falls – not to mention the infamous Donut Dunk, a dive beneath rushing water to squeeze through a donut shaped rock.

Ndubaluba staff were highly impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and positivity. Despite the daunting challenge of cold water, heights and steep terrain the group proved able to care for one another and persevere with joy. As one student put it, ‘they tamed the ravenous waters and conquered gravity.’  

So, what is to be gained from such an experience? I heard many answers to this question during our final camp debrief. Many students had learnt the value of overcoming fear, peer pressure and low self-confidence to complete the tasks given them. Many others came to realise the importance of attitude when approaching God and the adventure that is life.

Maybe it was just a swim in cold water… but the battle of mind and spirit beneath was much more!

We give thanks to God for His presence and protection. Congratulations to overall winners Team Manzi Shumba. Well done also to the most adventurous girl and boy: Kopano Chipwayambo and Chanda Mulenga.




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