Senior Girls UK Netball trip

Posted Jan 10, 2011

Chengelo Girl’s Senior Netball Team have never lost an International Schools Association of Zambia (ISAZ) Netball Tournament Final in over 10 years now. Earlier this year our Senior Netball Team was invited to participate in the National Association of Zambia (NAZ) team selection tournament in preparation for the Swaziland Games in December 2010 and were crowned Zambian Champions!Not only that, six girls were selected for the Under-19 Girls’ Team to represent Zambia!

As a school we were very proud of the girls’ achievements and decided to organise a trip to allow themto respond to a challenge beyond the African continent. We were able to organise a Netball Tour against some English schools, due to the many contacts with ex-Chengelo staff from the UK.

On the 20th of November, 2010 a group of 12 students left Lusaka international airport aboard British Airways to London – Heathrow with Miss Phiri, the Team Coach and Mrs Alford. It was very exciting to receive a warm welcome (in sub-zero temperatures!) from our former Head of PE Steve Banister and our former Pastor John Symons. Mr Banister put in an enormous amount of work to organise the trip from the UK end, with Mr Sichinga, Head of PE at the Chengelo end. Pastor Symons gave up two weeks of his time to drive us to fixtures and organise our sight-seeing trips.


Netball 1 Netball 6 Netball 5

Using our ex-Chengelians network, thespread of games was very well planned and organised and we travelled to many parts of England.By the end of the Tour we had played 17 games, of which we won 12, drew 1 and lost 4.

Mon 22nd Nov  Chengelo A 45 Christopher Hatton School, Wellingborough 7

Tue 23rd Nov   ChengeloA 12 King’s School, Peterborough 10
                     Chengelo B 12 King’s School, Peterborough 14

                     Chengelo A 22 Thomas Deacon Academy, Peterborough 1
                     Chengelo B 22 Thomas Deacon Academy, Peterborough 5

Wed 24th Nov Chengelo A 18 Trinity Academy, Thorne, Doncaster 0
                    Chengelo A 11 Emmanuel College, Gateshead, Newcastle 2
                    Chengelo A 6 Hall Cross 6th Form, Thorne, Doncaster4

                    Chengelo B 7 Hall Cross Year 9, Thorne, Doncaster 0

Thurs 25th Nov Chengelo A 19 Birmingham Metropolitan 6th Form College 22
                    Chengelo A 6 Parkside Netball Club, Birmingham A 18
                    Chengelo A 17 Parkside Netball Club, Birmingham B 6

Fri 26th Nov Chengelo A 25 St Bede’s School, Cambridge 12

Mon 29th Nov Chengelo A 21 Kimbolton School, Cambridgeshire 28

Tue 30th Nov Chengelo A 17 The Royal School, Haslemere, Surrey A 7
                   Chengelo B 9 The Royal School, Haslemere, Surrey B 9

Wed 1st Dec  Chengelo A 16 Hawley Place School, Surrey 2


Netball 2  Netball 8


The game against Birmingham Metropolitan College was my favourite! They were a very good team and it was a close match, I really enjoyed the challenge of being pushed to my limits.

Debra Musonda

Chengelo strives to bring out the best in its students’ talents in outstanding sporting as well as academic achievements. We reminded ourselves that CHENGELO means Light and our motto “as a witness to the light of Jesus Christ” and all the girls were aware that we travelled as Christ’s ambassadors, as well as representing our school, our families and the Zambian nation. Therefore we also took some time to share our faith. We talked about the Christian aspect of our school and about Zambia. We sung and shared our faith in schools and also at the churches we visited. Many of the girls gave personal testimonies in classes or on a one to one basis.

Our first day in the UK – what a beautiful day! The church service at Reachout Community Church (Wellingborough) was great and we were warmly welcomed and met new people. On arriving back at the centre we found a lovely surprise - ex-Chengelo staff and pupils waiting to welcome us!! We had a lovely lunch with our old friends and an awesome afternoon bonding with everyone. Took lots of pictures – was great to see old faces again!

Lubanji Maseka

It was exciting for many of us to experience snow for the first time, but the cold temperatures were a shock we didn’t get used to! We also enjoyed two sight-seeing trips to London as well as havingtours of other towns.

Peterborough Cathedral was like taking a walk down history lane as we saw tombs of dead queens, dukes and beautiful stained glass windows portraying the saints as well as Jesus. I felt humbled and privileged to have had the opportunity to experience an amazing part of English heritage.

Suwema Banda

On our second Sunday, we attended the Jordan’s church in Cambridge then had a tour of the city. It was a truly memorable experience. The ancient town and museums caught my undivided attention and I learnt a lot from the tour. I also learnt a lot about Cambridge University and what it’s all about.

Grace Nonde

Each day at devotion time we gave thanks for the wonderful opportunity we had to be on the tour, share with so many old friends, develop our netball skills and experience a different culture. Our thanks go to all who made our trip possible and such a wonderful experience.


Netball 3 Netball 4 Netball 7 Netball 9

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