Chengelo Primary School


Warren Mukuni

Warren Mukuni

Head of Primary

Chengelo Primary School is founded on Christian principles and employs only Christian staff. All subjects, including personal, social and moral issues are taught from a Christian perspective. Each day an assembly with a Christian emphasis is held and on Sundays termly boarders attend a Sunday School called ‘King’s Kids’.

Chengelo Primary School caters for Termly Boarders, Weekly Boarders and Day Pupils, although termly boarders below Grade 3 are not normally accepted. Contact for young children with the home environment is considered to be very important and to help achieve this, ‘free’ weekends occur every third and ninth weekend of term when all children can go home to spend time with their family.


At Chengelo Primary we try to achieve the following broad aims:-

  • to create a Christian environment for children to work and live in;
  • to provide a high quality basic education;
  • to place an emphasis on the development of skills and knowledge in English Language, Mathematics, Science and Information and Communication Technology;
  • to study the environment about us and our social and cultural background as well as those of other places and cultures in the world;
  • to encourage children to develop to their full potential, including personal and leadership development;
  • to create a school environment where everything we learn about is recognised as a part of God’s creation. Consequently learning is not just something for young children, but it is a life-long activity for all.

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