Secondary School


Chriss Banda
Head of Secondary

The Secondary School comprises of pupils from Form 1 to Form 6 (11-18 yrs). Pupils follow a common course in Form 1 to Form 3 before being presented in later years for the University of Cambridge International Examinations of IGCSE as well as some GCSE’s with The London Examination Board ‘Edexcel’. Many of our pupils in the Secondary School choose to continue their education in the Sixth Form, where students are presented for the Cambridge AS-level and A-level Examinations.

We are proud of our results at Chengelo where pupils regularly go on to the top universities around the world. Our Form 5 students regularly achieve outstanding results. For example in 2015, 91% of our Form 5 students obtained 5 or more passes at IGCSE grades A* to C, with 72% of the examination results being A* to B grades. Furthermore, five Chengelo students achieved the highest marks in the world in these examinations which earned them the prestigious Cambridge "Top in the World" award in the specific subjects they were awarded. We believe our exam results are the best in Zambia, and they compare favourably with the best schools around the World.

Whilst straight ‘A’ Grades may help you to get to the top universities, at Chengelo we view education in much broader terms. We pride ourselves on an education that develops a pupil’s full potential in all areas. Physical, intellectual, moral, social, and spiritual development are provided for.

Chengelo aims to provide an enjoyable and broad education for its students. We believe we achieve this to the extent that a number of students have returned to Chengelo in recent years to work alongside staff as volunteers and to put something back into the school.

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